SMS Yearbook Needs Your Great Photos



HOMEROOM CANDIDS Students in the classroom, on field trips, throughout

the year – working, playing, being amazing. We count on parent volunteers and

teachers to capture everyday school life. Please choose your best 10 to 15 photos,

and email them to the dedicated address below.


GRADE 5: SMS.Yearbook.Gr.5

GRADE 6: SMS.Yearbook.Gr.6

GRADE 7: SMS.Yearbook.Gr.7

GRADE 8: SMS.Yearbook.Gr.8


SPORTS Action shots, team portraits on the court, “the thrill of victory” (forget the

other half ;-) Every year, we count on parents and coaches to capture our young

athletes at their best! Please choose your best 10 to 15 photos, and email them to



EVENTS & CLUBS SMS is a very busy school with fundraisers, ceremonies,

performances and activities. We count on parents and teachers to capture our

school’s energy, hard work, and dedication. Please choose your best 10 to 15

photos, and email EVENTS and CLUBS to SMS.Yearbook.Events


PHOTO SPECIFICATIONS Just a few very important points to ensure that

your photos look their best:


• Cameras (instead of phone-cams) if possible (by request of our publisher.)

• Follow this great link for 5 Tips to Better Yearbook Photos

• Please shoot at your camera’s highest resolution

• Please make sure final images are approx. 5”x 7” and 300 dpi (apprx.10MB) jpegs

• To ensure proper placement in the yearbook, please label your photos, and

indicate the category in your email’s “subject” line

• Please make sure to email at the highest resolution

• Please don’t hesitate to contact your Yearbook Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

• And finally, HAVE FUN and remember that you’re helping to make your

yearbook the best that it can be


Thank you so much for your contribution.

- Your SMS Yearbook Team

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