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Springbank Middle School serves the area immediately West of the City of Calgary, in a landscape dotted with acreages, ranches and hobby farms. The school itself serves area students in grades 5-8 and offers instruction in both English and French Immersion. Our French Immersion program is also available to students who reside in the Bragg Creek area.

Our school is characterized by high parental involvement which helps to ensure our students achieve at the highest level in their chosen field of endeavour. In our desire to help our students discover their latent talents and abilities, we offer a wide range of activities aimed at providing opportunities for student growth and expression in Academics, Visual and Performing Arts, Gifted Education, Athletics and Inquiry-based education.


"As 21st century learners, we care about self, others, learning, teaching and the earth."


“At Springbank Middle School we create a nurturing engaging environment that prepares and inspires learners to be contributing citizens of the 21st century global community.”

"A l'école Springbank Middle, nous créons un environnement attentive et stimulant qui prépare et incite nos apprenants à devenir des citoyens engages du 21e siècle qui sont sensibles à la globalisation."

We view engagement as being the key to our students’ participation, growth and development, whether that is in the school or abroad. Our goal is to constantly provide engaging activities and opportunities so our students aspire to be involved, contributing members of whatever activity they are involved in. Through that process, we will assist our students to develop the attitudes and behaviours they will need to be contributing members of society, now and in the future.

School Motto…

The motto of our school is “We CARE” / “On s’occupe, on s’implique”

School Mascot…

Springbank's mascot is the "Eagle".  An Eagle is proud, determined and always works hard. These values are reflected in our students and our school motto.

School Colours...

Springbank's school colours are green, gold & white.

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