Administration Message

Welcome to Springbank Middle School!

It is my honour to join the Eagle’s family to support our school and community.  Springbank Middle has a rich academic and caring history, and I will continue to support our schools drive towards excellence. We are commited to “We CARE”, as we believe these principles are foundational to community building. Considerate, Accountable, Resilient, and Empathetic.  When students feel cared for and supported by all, we provide a safe environment for everyone to reach their full potential.

Communication is important to building a strong community.  I want to encourage all families to connect with our school and become involved in whatever capacity.  Please connect with teaching staff and administration at Springbank Middle, as I believe it to be important in supporting our students.

A new school year always brings renewed energy and excitement, and our hope is that we continue this emotion throughout the year.  Good luck to all our students, staff, and families in having a success 2022-23 year.



Glen Brooker


(403) 242-4456 ext. 1510

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