Principal's Message

I am very fortunate to be principal of Springbank Middle School (SMS). We have an excellent history of learning and engagement and I am excited to be part of the incredible support network for our teachers and students. Additionally, I am excited to be part of a school district that embraces the importance of 21st century learning.

The notion of a 21st century learner can, and has been misunderstood and misstated in many ways and in many forums.  Most recently, discussions of discovery learning in math have distracted attention away from the real notion of 21st century learning. Rocky View Schools’ description of learning is competency-based, with 10 separate characteristics: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, self-direction, financial and economic literacy, information and media literacy, civic engagement and global awareness. It is difficult to argue against the importance of any one of these characteristics of 21st century learning, and yet there is sometimes opposition to changing the way that teaching and learning happens.

Teachers are adapting their practice to leverage this kind of learning and parents are integral partners in this process. Parents as partners is a central aspect of my philosophy of educational leadership. I know that Springbank Middle School has a reputation for high parent involvement and support and I look forward to being part of the partnership that supports 21st century learning and teaching at SMS.

Darrell Lonsberry










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