Student Dress Code


Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to the environment of a school, a place of learning and the workplace of our staff. Clothing also needs to be suitable for all kinds of activities, both indoors and outside. Not all the latest fashions are suitable for school.

•           While there are particular guidelines that are useful in determining what is appropriate for students to wear to school, these are not hard and fast rules, as they are almost impossible to consistently enforce. Clothing to avoid wearing to school includes: clothing that reveals underwear or excessive midriff.

•           Shoes (clean) must be worn at all times. Students are strongly encouraged to have a set of indoor shoes they change into when they arrive at school. There are boot racks available to store outdoor footwear.

•           Hats are permitted in the school EXCEPT during school-wide assemblies. Additionally, individual teachers will decide whether they will permit students to wear hats in their classrooms; students are expected to respectfully comply with the decision of the teacher in these instances.

•           Clothing, lapel buttons, or other items with inappropriate slogans or graphics are unacceptable and students will be asked to change or cover.

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