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Below you can find links to great websites to use for research and homework help for all middle school grades!

The National Gallery is a wonderful resource for information on Canadian artists. Check the podcast section for artist profiles and information on current research being done at the Gallery.

The Glenbow Museum website offers a huge archive of historical documents and information on Alberta.

Everything from virtual exhibits to teacher approved links makes the Virtual Museum of Canada a great resource for all subjects.

The CBC Digital Archives is the perfect place to find video and audio material for project research.

Offering Canadian projects from 1917 on, students can find documentaries for research or creative projects for inspiration and entertainment.

Stats Canada is an excellent source for research projects.

Alberta Source is a project run by the Heritage Community Foundation offering information on all things Alberta.

From Canadian wetlands to the Rocky Mountains, Canadian Geographic is a great source for information on Canada's outdoors.

Canada's history is intricately entwined with that of the Hudson's Bay Company. This website offers a glimpse into the history of HBC and Canada.

Time Maps allows students to see countries as they would have been anywhere from 1000 to 10 years ago.

Sweet Search is a safe and efficient search engine for students who are looking for appropriate research information.

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