5.5 Mme Mahaffey

Bonjour! My name is Erin Mahaffey and I'm teaching a grade 5 homeroom at SMS this year. I love spending time being active in the mountains with my family, cooking, running and practising yoga.


Bienvenue à la classe de 5.5

Please refer to the icons above to access general information for the class.

Email: emahaffey@rockyview.ab.ca

I will be teaching your child math, science, and FLA.

Students in 5.5 will have different teachers for social studies, ELA, art, music, health and physical education.  Please refer to the student timetable for this information.

Grade five students are expected to write their homework in their agendas daily.  Please check your child's agenda every day. Parent communication can be done via email or through a written note in the student agenda.

A weekly newsletter will be sent out to parents' email communicating current topics of study, upcoming events, due dates and any other important information.

Parent Tips

I encourage you as parents/guardians to be actively involved in your child's school life.  I believe when parents and teachers work together, children can be successful in their learning.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at: emahaffey@rockyview.ab.ca or phone me at: 403-242-4456

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