Grade 6 Fine Arts Preferences

Next year’s grade 6 students will be taking a variety of arts-based courses next year. We need to have some indication of what the students would like to take for their arts so that we can appropriately schedule classes. Students must indicate their top 2 preference for a major class:

Major Class: 3 periods per week; students will be in the same major for the whole year.

Minor Classes: 2 periods per week; students will be placed in a one minor class per trimester.

The major classes allow a teacher to expose students to a much deeper level within that particular art. So, while the subjects, for the most part, are the same for both the major and minor, students and parents should discuss their preferences for which subjects they want to delve more deeply into. There is a fee for each of the majors, but no fees for any of the minors. For band, know that we also take new band students in at grade 7, so it is not compulsory that students take band in grade 6 if they want to take it as an option class in grades 7 and 8.


Art - Students in Art major are given the opportunity to create in a variety of traditional art materials includingdrawing mediums, painting, printmaking, sculpture, clay, design and two types of animation.  We will look at famous artists as a starting point for our own work. No experience necessary just a love for trying something new and working with your hands!

Cost $40


Band – Instrumental Music (Band) is the beginning of a musical journey leading to musical skills, competence as a performer and confidence as an individual.  Students spend the year mastering a band instrument and rehearsing and performing as a band.  Within that context, they learn the importance of commitment, teamwork, individual responsibility, creative expression and the value of hard work.  The grade 6 Band performs three times per year.  One performance is always at an adjudicated festival for independent feedback.    Instruction and rehearsals are completed during the school day.  Concerts and festivals may be outside the school day.

Cost $50

Drama – Students in drama will be exposed to a variety of theatrical concepts including improvisation, movement, speech, performance and stagecraft.  Projects will vary based on the class’ talents and interests.  Students will be encouraged to participate in a small class production either on stage or backstage.  Though not a performance class, students will be encouraged to take theatrical risks and develop their presentation skills.

Cost $25

Textiles – The textile major class will encompass a variety of techniques and processes associated with popular and well-known fibre arts. These include paper making, book binding and altered books, embroidery and other hand sewing techniques, various dyeing and surface design processes and some felting. Students will be introduced to the wide variety of fibres available and how they can be used to make unique and fantastic creations.

Cost $40



Students will receive one term of each of the Fine Arts that they do not have as a major.  All minors are the same as offerings as above except Music instead of Band.

For example:

Major:  Art

Minor: Term 1 – Drama

Term 2 – Music

Term 3 – Textiles

In order to indicate your preferences (meaning parent and child preferences) please go to:

Please complete the form and submit it on or before Thursday June 22.

Payments can be made through School Cash Online.

Please know that we need to be able to have enough students in each arts class in order to justify offering that course. As such, some students may not be registered in their top choice of course. It is important to know that the students will have opportunities to take classes in each of these areas in grades 7 and 8 as well. Once students have been registered in a class parents will be notified and then payments for the major courses can be made through School Cash Online.

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