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Science 5 Course Outline
File Science 8 Course Outline
Unit 3 - Heat & Temperature
File Topics 4-6
File Topics 6-7
File Topic 6
File Learning Outcomes
File Beavers- Short film worksheet
File Vocabulary
File Ecological Footprint
File Topics 4-7
File Topic 1
File Topic 4
File Topic 5
File Adaptations - Show your understanding
6-1/6-2 / 6-3 Math / Science Homework
Major tests and assignments will be posted on this site. Daily homework is the responsibility of the student and should be found in their agenda.
File Topics 1-3
File Topics 8-10
Welcome Letter - September 2015
Description of expectations for your child in grade 5 and curriculum outline.
6.3 Science Homework
Trees and Forests
File Topics 7-8
File Topics 1-2
File Topics 3-5
5.1 Science Homework
File Topic 2
File Interactions in Ecosystems
File Interactions in Ecosystems organizer
File Questions
File Eco Footprint article
File Article Analysis
File Topics 1-3