2021-2022 Start Up Information

Welcome Back and Welcome! We hope that you find this information helpful in planning for a successful 2021-22 school year at Springbank Middle School. More information can be found in the handbook, on this website under publications.

Open House/Meet the Teachers

Sept. 3, 2021 (Prior to Student Start-Up)
12-2pm: Open House/Meet the Teachers – If conditions allow, this will be in-person (you will be notified by email). Otherwise, you will receive a Zoom invite from your child’s homeroom teacher.

Staggered Entry Sept. 7-9, 2021

We will have a 3-day staggered entry Sept. 7-9, with the full student body attending on Sept. 10th.  Approximately 1/3 of our student body will attend for each of the first three days. This will enable us to work with smaller groups for transition and orientation. Teachers will be outside to meet students for the first week of school.
Sept. 7 - Surnames beginning with A-G  
Sept. 8 - Surnames beginning with H-M  
Sept. 9 - Surnames beginning with N-Z  
Sept. 10 - Everyone attends

Class Lists
All students will be notified by their homeroom teacher later in August (before the first day of school). For privacy reasons we will not be posting class lists.  
Students are resilient and so working through the first few days of uncertainty with a new class can be a very positive growth opportunity. The teachers from the previous year make up class lists for the following year as they know the students very well. In making the lists, they use their experience and observations of the students through the course of the whole school year to place students in particular classes. Additionally, teachers do an excellent job of supporting students as they adjust to their new class at the start of the year.

School Supplies Lists
The lists of required student supplies are available on our website at:
If purchasing online, you must order before July 15th.

SMS has a one-to-one device program at grades 7 and 8 which means that, wherever possible, all grade 7 and 8 students are to bring their own laptop to school every day.  
It is also recommended that students in grades 5 and 6 bring their own device.   
Rocky View parents are eligible for an educational discount with certain computer vendors:  https://www.rockyview.ab.ca/families/computer-vendors/computer-vendors
Username: rvsparent
Password: parent

Springbank Middle School follows a six-day rotating timetable (posted in our google calendar, on the TV monitor at the school and on the school website).  The daily bell schedule is as follows:

2021-2022 Start Up Information


*NOTE – students are marked as late if they are not in their homeroom classroom when the 8:40am bell goes.  Students will need to sign in at the office if they are late.
More Information about SMS
Below is some information (in alphabetical order) taken from our handbook that is most relevant for parents who are new to Springbank Middle School, though it is worth reviewing for our returning students as well:

•    Absence line – If your child is going to be late or absent from school, please phone the Attendance Line (403-242-4456) indicating the reason/length of the absence. If your child is absent and we don’t have that information, you will get a phone call from the automated system, checking on your child’s status. We ask that parents work with us to ensure that absences are kept to a minimum to help ensure continuity of instruction and reduce the likelihood of negative implications due to absenteeism
•    Accidents – In the event of significant student injury that may require medical attention and/or parental follow-up contact will be made with the parents or emergency contact. Depending on the injury, parents may be contacted to pick up the child or be informed that EMS is attending. (Please note: Accident Insurance is available from RVS. Please contact the school office if you are interested.)

  • Severe Allergies and Medical Conditions – It is important that parents update allergy and medical information, so our data is current. We will put together a risk-rescue pack for each of those students, which includes a description of the student, their picture, instructions on what steps to take in an emergency, as well as an epi-pen or any other medication the student may need. If your child has a severe allergy (i.e. they have been prescribed an epi-pen) or a serious medical condition, please contact the office
  • Athletics/sports/intramurals/PE                                                                              We hope to once again offer competitive sports in the following:                                                                                                              Soccer (gr. 6) Badminton, track and field, volleyball and basketball (gr. 7/8s). Intramurals may also be offered during the lunch break Students have the opportunity for outside activity during their morning and lunch recess as well as through PE classes and/or Daily Physical activity
  • Before/after school care – For those families requiring that service prior to 8 AM or after 3:30 PM, the Cottage School & Daycare (building right in front of SMS), may be able to accommodate students. Contact: 403-242-1244
  • Behaviour – Our ‘We CARE’ framework emphasizes core behaviour pillars of being Considerate, Accountable, Resilient and Empathetic. We expect our students to exhibit respectful behaviours and we will address known issues with a view to education, restitution and if needed, discipline. Issues involving student conduct will be dealt with promptly and respectfully. The teachers’ role in terms of student conduct are to help develop, implement, monitor and enforce classroom expectations that promote learning and respect diversity. In he event of a more serious incident, or repeated incidents, school administration may become involved to support the student and the teacher in addressing behavioural concerns.
  • Bussing – Many students are bussed and will load/disembark at the shared bus loop between SMS and EVE. At the end of the day, students are expected to go to their bus quickly to allow for a timely departure.  There are NO ride-a longs permitted on the buses.
  • Cell phone use – Students are welcome to have their phones at school, provided they are used within the following parameters:
  • Phones should not be used during class or on the playground unless directed by a teacher.
  • Students may check texts from parents during specified times during the day (at teacher discretion). If a parent must contact a student during class time, it should be done by contacting the office and asking that the student be paged to the office to take the call.
  • If a student needs to contact a parent because they are ill or injured, they should NOT use their cell phone. Instead, they should let their teacher know and then come to the office so parents can be contacted through our office phones. It has happened a disturbing number of times that a parent has arrived at school to pick up a sick child and we didn’t know anything about it.
  • Child Development Advisor (CDA) – Our CDA is on-site providing assistance to staff and students (and often, parents) in areas relating to the social and emotional well-being of our students. The CDA also provides small group assistance to students dealing with common issues (divorce, friendship skills, organizational skills, peer pressure, etc.) and may facilitate opportunities for the whole school to participate in activities that promote positive mental and physical health.•    Emergency phone-out to parents – we use an Automated Phone-out System that enables us to contact all families in our school within a half an hour of initiation. This system is used for school-wide announcements (e.g. school closure, school-wide activity).  Parent phone numbers in PowerSchool must be current for this system to work effectivelyGym Strip – Although this year was an exception, students are expected to have a change of clothes for every gym class. Students may use their own shorts and t-shirts for gym or purchase school attire in the fall.•    Homerooms – Students spend the first minutes of the day in their homerooms. This allows teachers to collect notes, forms, and the like. After homeroom, students progress to their first class.
  • Hour Zero drills – RVS has the Hour Zero protocol in place for the school, which requires us to practice a number of drills aimed at familiarizing students and staff with possible adverse scenarios. These will be held on a monthly basis throughout the year.
  • Newsletter – The SMS Weekly Monitor is provided to parents via e-mail.
  • Parent Volunteers - Rocky View policy requires all parents who volunteer in classes or who accompany our students on any field trips to have current police checks. The form for this is available from the school office and must be signed by school administration before being taken to the police detachment in which the parent is a resident. A Police check is good for five years, which is supplemented with an annual declaration.•    Payment of fees – Fees are paid online through SchoolCash (on our website). Parents will be able to go onto the school site and create an account for this purpose.
  • PowerSchool (Real-time-reporting) – We use PowerSchool to record all student marks. Parents will be provided a login and are asked to go to the SMS website and access the PowerSchool tab at the top left of the SMS website page. Once in, parents can use their login information to set up their account. If you have difficulty, please contact our school office.A digital report card is generated at the end of the year.
  • Security – When entering and leaving the building, we ask all parents and visitors to sign-in/out at the office. This enables us to be aware of who is in the building and allows us to make any student or teacher contact in a most unobtrusive manner
  • School Council – In addition to regular Council business conducted at the monthly meetings, we have relevant topics for parent input and discussion, as well as occasional guest presenters. Please feel free to be involved in Council either as a serving member or as a parent who wishes to be informed and/or to comment on relevant topics.
  • Spreagle Store – (Hopefully open in 2021-22) We operate a school store where students may purchase select school supplies and snacks at a reasonable price. The store is in operation during the lunch hour two times per week (Tuesday & Thursday).
  • Student pick-up/drop-off/parking – Doors open at 8:25am. For those students not
    arriving/departing by school bus, parents may drop-off/pick-up via the NE parking lot and along the adjacent sidewalk. We ask that parents avoid pick-up or drop-off in the travel (flow-through) lane as this is both dangerous and an impediment to traffic flow. The area immediately in front of the main entrance must not be used as a drop-off area and needs to be kept clear.
  • Teacher communication & contact – This is a critical aspect of student success and requires ongoing consideration and attention. Teachers provide a variety of means of connecting with parents and more information about those will be shared by the teachers once the classes are up and running. We encourage parents to contact teachers with any questions they may have. Email is the most efficient way to get a hold of a teacher but if the matter is urgent, please feel free to call outside of class time.
  • Contact list for SMS:
  • 2021-2022 Start Up Information

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