5.4/6.4 At-A-Glance - November 5th, 2016

November 5th, 2016


After 2 weeks, we have begun to settle as a class. I want to thank everyone for coming out last week to collaborative conferences.  I enjoyed meeting all of you and discussing your child's goals for the upcoming school year.  If you were unable to make it, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can find a time to discuss your child's goals and transition to our class.

Language Arts

We have begun working on a writing unit.  Both grades will be focusing on paragraph writing.  Students will publish a series of paragraphs focusing on the 6 traits of writing – ideas, conventions, sentence fluency, organization, word choice and voice.

All students are also working on a personal blog to record their learning journey throughout the year.  Since the amalgamation of classes – we spent last week trying to have all students with their goals and strategies completed.  The link to the student blog is https://myblog.rockyview.ab.ca - your child will need to provide you with their username and password.



We have spent the last week wrapping up Unit 2 for both grade and 6 students.  Both grades have a quiz on Monday, November 7th. The grade 6 students have a quiz on integers and the grade 5's have a quiz on standard, expanded and written forms of numbers.

Students will be reviewing the material in unit 2 next week preparing for the unit test on November 15th.

Both grades have been supplementing their learning with math games and activities such as: Quick Draws, Math Squares, Gizmos and problem solving.


Social Studies

Grade 5 – Students are working on a Canada Mapping assignment.  They labeled and created a legend for a map of Canada that included capital cities, provinces, lakes and rivers.  They also answered questions about each of the provinces and territories.  These are due on Monday.

Grade 6 - Students completed a recipe for their identity assignment this week. Completed assignments were handed in on Friday.  They were to write the recipe and create a visual representation of their recipe – choices included a collage, a poster or a graph.



Please contact Mr. Zilkowsky if you have any questions or concerns about the Science curriculum.

Physical Education:

Physical Education will include a variety of activities that will develop skills, sportsmanship and fitness.  Please make sure your child's gym strip is clearly labeled with their first and last name.  Every year we end up with hundreds of t-shirts and shorts in our lost and found.

We are currently playing volleyball, baseball-type games and fitness activities.

Upcoming Events and Assignments:

  • November 10th - Remembrance Assembly
  • November 11th - No School
  • November 14th - No School (PL Day for Teachers)
  • November 17th - Monday Schedule
  • November 17th - Beginner Band Concert (grade 6 students)
  • November 28th - Smoothie Sale at recess
  • November 28th - Subway Fun Lunch (www.healthyhunger.ca)
  • November 30th - Grade 6 Field Trip to Heritage Park
  • December 1st - Winter Concert (All Bands)
  • December 5th - Grade 5 Field Trip to Whyte Museum in Banff
  • December 7th - 9th - Lion King Presentation
  • December 12th - Smoothie Sale at recess
  • December 12th - Subway Fun Lunch (www.healthyhunger.ca)
  • December 14th - HepB Shots (grade 5 students)
  • December 16th - Report Cards go home
  • December 21st - Grade 5 and 6 students to Southland Leisure Centre
  • December 22nd - Last Day of classes for 2016!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at suewilliams@rockyview.ab.ca.




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