C.D.A Specifics

Specifics of the C.D.A program

Referral Process:

Students can be referred to the C.D.A in 4 ways:

-Self Referral

-Parent Referral

-Teacher Referral

-Guidance/Admin/C.D.A recommendation

Accessing the C.D.A

Ms. Nicole Borsato is here full time, and is available during most school hours. Students can see Ms. Borsato by asking their teacher or stopping by during lunch or after school. Parents can also request that a student be seen.

Services and Topics

The C.D.A is here to attend to the social/emotional needs of middle school students.

The C.D.A offers a variety of small group sessions, in-class workshops, individual coaching, post-discipline action plans, and crisis relief.

Topics that are typically covered include:

-Conflict resolution

-Effective communication

-Handling peer pressure

-Dealing with feelings

-Self Control

-Responding to failure / accusations

-Goal setting



-Family conflict

Any information revealed that requires reporting to social services or local authorities due to legal and ethical mandates will be shared accordingly. This is to ensure the health and safety of our students.

Parents will be informed of meetings if they occur regularly and/or involve serious concerns. Occasional meetings and/or normative concerns will be shared with student permission.

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