6.3 Language Arts Homework

Autobiographical Life Map

You will need to represent 12-15 events that you feel are significant or meaningful in your life and record them visually on an 11x17 piece of paper. The life events you choose are up to you but should be an event that has helped to shape who you are, or influenced how you see yourself.

  • This is a Life Map, so each event should lead to the next - using arrows to guide the audience in the correct direction to the next event will be effective
  • You may use photos, drawings or other artifacts to visually represent each event you have chosen
  • Please include a caption including the date, place, how old you are, and a brief explanation of the event.As well, include why the event is significant to you or why you chose it for your Life Map
  • The caption should be placed directly under each picture (feel free to type the caption or print by hand - your choice)
  • The last event you will include in your life map is a hope or dream you have for your future
  • Please ensure you have a title for your Life Map and that is draws the audience to ensure clear communication of your topic
  • You should finish your project off using color and anything else that may enhance the the visual presentation of your project
  • You may need to discuss events, times, places of significant events with your family in order to get accurate information


This is the first step to writing your autobiography. The events you choose for your life map will be the events you include in your written assignment.

If you have any questions, please make sure you ask them.

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