6-1 Science/ Math Homework

Major tests and assignments will be posted on this site. Daily homework is the responsibility of the student and should be found in their agenda.

Homework/Upcoming Test(s)/ "Other" pertinent information:

Please initial your son's/daughter's agenda every night - this way I know it is making it home!  Thank you.

Grade 6 Math Text Book

To save some "wear and tear" on our textbooks by hauling them home, all students are being asked to login into their Google Docs account to find a copy of the text.  Go into Google Classroom and the textbook can be found posted on a chapter by chapter basis.   It is unfortunate that we cannot post it here - but publisher restrictions dictate it must be on a login basis only - such as the Google Docs site.  Can't login - you can always find it posted by another school - just Google Grade 6 Math Makes Sense by Pearson.

Extra Math Practice?

Want some extra Math practice?  Have your son/daughter login into Google Docs / Classroom and extra practice for all units can be found here.  Please keep in mind that work in the textbook is not necessarily the way we do things in class, nor does everything fit within our program of studies.  But there will be lots of extra practice Math here that supplements work from the classroom.

Upcoming Events/Homework:












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