Health Curriculum

The following outcomes will be covered in Phys. Ed.: Wellness Choices Personal Health – W-5.1, W-5.2 Wellness Choices Safety and Responsibility – W-5.7, W-5.8, W-5.9, W5.10

Health will be covered in a variety of situations including; Phys. Ed. periods, small groups and individuals may receive advise on relationships and interactions from Mr. Gray, and, weekly timetabled Health classes with Ms. Williams.  Health topics and outcomes are often covered within a cross-curricular context. Health issues and themes are also covered with  “Stand-alone” lessons.


Assessment of students’ effort will be done through regular observations of the students’ effort, attitude and participation in class during discussions, presentations, projects and related activities.


Activities included:


  • Ongoing health-related class discussions on all major Health topics a issues
  • Integration of Health objectives and school-wide expectations i.e. & Habits
  • Creation of Webs and other graphic idea organizers relating to various Health topics and issues
  • Related school-wide activities. Eg. Wellness Week and Festival
  • Projects and related collaborative initiatives Community Kitchen
  • Formal presentations by health professionals, eg. Nurses from the Calgary Health Region who presented on topics such as Wellness Choices and Personal Health
  • Viewing related videos and follow-up discussions
  • Exploring related Websites, i.e. Power4bones
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